About us

Hi, my name is Mahesh. P and I was designated as admin to this blog.

I have created this blog in August, 2021 for share my experience in stock market trading, options trading, strategies, indicators, etc..

While I was in graduation in the time of 2005-08 I had try to know about the stock market how to trade and invest in stocks but there is no significant data I could get in the internet through the blogs and videos so that, I was late in market to enter. I tried to ask every one who are trading in market already but they are not willing to share their knowledge with me because it is matter of money. After internet developments increased in INDIA many of people are open to share data and knowledge in internet about stock market.

But, so far we will not get the significant data from internet sources if we can? why people are very eager to go paid webinars and tutors of stock market with spent lakhs of rupees, even though they are not gaining the help full subject through them.

I am also suffered to gain this knowledge from someone so that, I am here now give you all my subject to you for free.

You just need to subscribe my blog.

I was experienced in stock market since 2018but most of the time 2018 to 2020 I learnt the subject and in 2021 I became full time trader.

I do share all my subject with you as I do.

Thank you..