Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Review On Robinhood Listing.

History Of Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency


The Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency is a mime-type token, and it is a decentralized cryptocurrency, the inventors of the Shiba token are ‘Ryoshi’ & the group was invented in August 2020.

The Shiba Inu or SHIB token is called “Doge-killer” because it encountered the Doge meme token when it is invented in the crypto world. The Riyoshi & Group sent half of the supply (nearly 500 Trillion) of the Shiba project to “Vitalik Buterin“.

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Vitaliki Buterin has burnt the 90% of the supply by sending the dead wallet, which is he got a gift from the Shiba group. The remaining supply he donated to the “Covid-19 relief fund” in INDIA. Now the entire supply was nearly 500 Trillion and it was a decentralized cryptocurrency.

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Binance listing

Shiba Inu is started for $0.000000000183 in Sep 2020. Many whales are invested in this project at low prices. They bought this project in view of the “DogeCoin” pump and dump system. Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency does not have an auto burn system it burns manually.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) was listed in the “Binance Exchange” in April 2021 for this, the group of Shiba Inu has maintained a good relationship with the “Binance exchange“.

This project is gained a big capital market from Binance list boosing, The Shiba Inu coin is pumped with $ 20 Billion Market by the “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)“.

Later, most of the people who invested in this project at the beginning, they have dumped their money from their wallets after the Binance listing.

while the price was lying at $ 0.0001 investors out from this project.

Robinhood listing roomer

Following a few days, whales have dumped the money from their wallets, later few months the price is consolidated from October 2021. Then, people and investors rotationally shared and posted a roomer that is “Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency will going to list on Robinhood exchange.

Roomer spread with the enormous response and Shiba Inu rose in price and volume up to $ 40 Billion in market capitalization. But “Robinhood exchange” clarified that was a roomer from the whales who dumped their money sequentially.

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Everyone knows this was a pump and dump game of the whales. But, many people became millionaires with this currency, and many people have screwed in this pump and dump game with consequences.

Fundamentals of shiba Inu Cryptocurrency

The Shiba Inu is the foundation of this project, after the invention of Shiba Inu they came up with LEASH with 1,07,0646 supplies and BONE with 250,000,000 supplies with, we can get these tokens with Shiba Swap.

The fundamental analysis of Shiba Inu makes sense about the investment in this type of crypto.

Shiba has not been working on any, new technology blockchain systems recently they are introduced Shiberium, and Shibaverse.

Robinhood listed Shiba Inu on 12 April 2022 but after this announcement, Shiba Inu did not get a hike in price and capital.

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