Vedanta’s Share Price Plummet as Foxconn Cancels $19 Billion Investment Deal

Vedanta’s Share Price, one of the leading companies in the mining and metals industry, witnessed a considerable drop in its share price today. This downfall comes on the heels of the news that Foxconn, a global electronics manufacturing giant, has decided to pull out of a $19 billion investment deal with Vedanta.

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Vedanta’s Business Profile

Vedanta, incorporated in 1976, operates in various sectors such as zinc, aluminum, iron ore, copper, and oil. The company has a significant presence in India and has managed to expand its operations globally. With a diverse product portfolio and a solid reputation in the industry, Vedanta has been a key player in the market for several years. for the Vedanta chart and analysis, for the fundamental analysis can check on screeners

Foxconn’s Business Profile

On the other hand, Foxconn, based in Taiwan, is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics and a major supplier to prominent technology companies like Apple and Amazon. Foxconn is known for its expertise in manufacturing, assembly, and component production. The company has an extensive global network and has been a driving force in the electronics industry for many years.

The Cancellation of the Investment Deal

The cancellation of the $19 billion investment deal by Foxconn has sent shockwaves through the market, leading to a rapid decline in Vedanta’s share price. The deal was originally announced with much fanfare, as it would have significantly boosted Vedanta’s resources and allowed for further expansion. However, due to reasons yet unknown, Foxconn has decided to withdraw from the agreement, leaving Vedanta in a vulnerable state.

Impact on Vedanta’s Share Price

Vedanta’s share price took a severe hit in response to the news. Investors reacted swiftly, selling off their shares, resulting in a downward trend for the company. As of the time of writing, the share price of Vedanta had dropped by 1.59%

Diverse Perspectives

The cancellation of the investment deal between Vedanta and Foxconn has raised concerns and prompted discussions within the business community. Here are some perspectives on the matter:

Investors’ Concerns:

Investors are understandably worried about the sudden drop in Vedanta’s share price. They were banking on the Foxconn deal to propel the company’s growth and generate favorable returns on their investments.

Industry Experts:

Industry experts argue that while the withdrawal of such a significant investment deal is undoubtedly disappointing for Vedanta, it does not undermine the overall strength and potential of the company. Vedanta’s track record and a diverse portfolio may help them weather this setback and explore alternative options for growth.

Market Speculation:

Speculation is rampant in the market regarding the reasons behind Foxconn’s decision to cancel the investment deal. Some believe it may be due to changing market dynamics, geopolitical concerns, or undisclosed internal issues within either company.

Long-term Effects:

It remains to be seen how Vedanta will recover from this setback. However, the company’s strong foundation and past successes give hope that it can overcome this obstacle and continue to thrive in the long run.


The cancellation of the $19 billion investment deal by Foxconn has undoubtedly led to a sharp decline in Vedanta’s share price. While this setback poses challenges for Vedanta, the company’s resilience and strong market standing may allow them to navigate through troubled waters. Investors must keep a close eye on future announcements and strategic moves made by Vedanta to fully understand the company’s recovery prospects.

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